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Since launching the GigaTrak Tool Tracking System in 2009, Conrad Industries, Inc. has been very pleased with the software. We started slowly, only rolling it out to one shipyard so we could customize it to our needs. The support we received along the way on this product was phenomenal. Every change or update that we requested was promptly delivered. We had so much success with the product after about a six month trial period that we decided to implement it at two of our other shipyards. Once we got our staff trained and familiar with the software it was only a matter of developing it even further to meet the different needs of each location. It was a pleasure working with such a knowledgeable staff. With so much positive feedback on the Tool Tracking System, we have decided to look into the Inventory Management System to suit some of our other needs as well. If you’re looking for a simple, effective software solution to meet some of your business needs then I highly recommend GigaTrak.


Harry Hicks
Conrad Industries

The Morse Group couldn’t be happier with the successful launch of our GigaTrak Asset Tracking solution in 2009.  Besides the ease of use and efficiency of the software, one of the main highlights of this experience has been working with the staff at GigaTrak. Their complete willingness and availability to answer any questions promptly, and the unique way that everyone associated with GigaTrak made us all feel special, was greatly appreciated! The GigaTrak Asset Tracking solution has been such a great success that we are in the process of beginning to utilize the new GigaTrak Tool Tracking System Company wide.  We are confident that, because we have such a positive relationship, we can use this system flawlessly. I would recommend GigaTrak to any company – big or small!
Jennifer Maltry
Morse Electric, Inc

Gigatrak has been a great tool system for Metroplex, Inc. We had tried other tool systems that were so hard to work with and poor customer support. Gigatrak is easy to get around. When getting the system up and running the training was simple and easy to learn. The reports that can be generated have all the information of the tool location, checked out or check in and so on. Metroplex had a trailer broken into on a job site with just a few clicks of a button I was able to supply the complete list of tools in the trailer so we could do a quick inventory and find out what was taken. Also, when the employees are in the field and need certain equipment it is easy to track. The person over the tools and I work very close together he loves the hand held device to check out and in tools it has eliminated lots of paperwork. Metroplex would recommend this system to anyone wanting the most for their money and the support team that stands behind what they sell.


Shannon Ladd
Metroplex, Inc.

I searched for a Bar-code/Asset Tracking System that could accommodate the need to house and track thousands of master programs used in television production and syndication services.  We tried others, but Gigatrak had the competitive edge. Their customer service and programmers take an active interest in how GigaTrak works for your specific company’s application.  In a very timely manner, global upgrades can be approved, designed and expedited.  With other competitors, this kind of suggested customization is not normally a global consideration, and usually comes at a hefty cost. Tech Support is another facet of GigaTrak that is to be commended. They work diligently to resolve any issues, and quickly isolate any problem. GigaTrak is a recommended choice from my perspective. A very user-friendly system, along with friendly and professional services – a company searching for this kind of product really can’t go wrong.
Joe Marrone, Operations Supervisor-Syndication
PMI (Production Masters, Inc.)
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