Custom Software:

What is Custom Software?

GigaTrak’s team is committed to helping our clients reach their goals and meet their requirements as closely as possible. While our off-the-shelf solutions provide many companies with most of the resources they need, sometimes companies require unique solutions to better serve their needs.

To determine whether a custom solution is the right option for you and your company, see the questions and answers below or Contact Us so we can help you determine what software package best fits your needs!

Does specialty software always cost more than off-the-shelf?

Not necessarily! With specialty software:

  • Pay for only what you need
  • Update only when required
  • Maximize the functionality while minimizing the training
  • Long-term costs are almost always lower

What are the advantages of OFF-THE-SHELF systems?

Off-the-shelf solutions are often very practical, but only if the product fits your business needs.  Pre-designed software is often quicker to implement in your facility and more affordable.  All of our off-the shelf software is based on GigaTrak’s standardized methodologies, making our software very easy to support.  We would be happy to send you a demo of any of our off-the-shelf systems at your request!

What are the advantages of CUSTOM software systems?

GigaTrak has years of experience building custom software systems from the ground up. There are many advantages to purchasing a custom system. For example, we can help you lay out a design specification based on your company’s processes and procedures. You can update your procedures and improve your practices in the process! This information is used to design a system specifically for you. GigaTrak maintains a development schedule for all aspects of the project. Once the system is completed, “rollout” can likely be done in as little as a few days, and screens and functions are guaranteed to fit your company’s needs!

Can GigaTrak help me decide?

Of course! The key is to find a solution that fits your business!  It may be a custom software system, an off-the-shelf solution, or a combination of the two!  To keep costs low, we can slightly modify or “customize” our off-the-shelf software to save you money!  Although customization does require extra time, we would be more than happy to provide software modifications to enhance any of our applications to meet your needs.  Whatever the answer is for your company, GigaTrak can help you choose and implement the best solution at a low cost. Contact us today!

Custom Examples

Throughout the years, GigaTrak has provided unique solutions to many companies in the country. The following represent a few examples of our custom work:

Secure Inventory System Post/9-11 for U.S. Government
Following the events of 9-11, GigaTrak was contracted by a division of the U.S. Government to develop an inventory management system to meet their needs. This system was designed specifically to manage and distribute materials needed for national security purposes. In addition to standard inventory functions, this specialty software also tracks and creates specific reports needed for local, state, and federal government agencies.

Utility-Based Field Service & Maintenance System for Natural Gas Utility
GigaTrak designed a custom software system for the natural gas utility industry to track and record pit and station maintenance items as well as to calculate piping and system capacities based on the installed piping size, relief valves, monitoring of valves and more. Ultimately this system became an engineering tool that helps fulfill regulatory documentation requirements for gas companies.

Package Tracking System for Major U.S. Airline
A major U.S. Airline contacted GigaTrak with the hopes of creating a tracking system to record when various packages were received and where they went upon arrival. Though this system was originally designed as a piece of specialty software, GigaTrak has also developed this custom software system into an available off-the-shelf program.

Shipment Verification Application for Major Meat Producer
A major meat producer requested a custom software system from GigaTrak to aid in the verification of shipments. The system tracks pallets and quantities of meats on each pallet so the producer can determine exactly what and when items were shipped out.

Order-Fulfillment System for Warehouse Organization
GigaTrak designed a specialty software system for a warehouse organization to fulfill orders as they came into the warehouse. As the company gets the orders, GigaTrak’s system walks them through each piece of the order fulfillment process. The system also sends information to the shipping dock once the order has been fulfilled, which places the data on a packing slip. By using a customized IMS system, the warehouse is able to process their orders, pick out their orders’ parts, and ship their orders in an organized and timely manner.

Operator Qualification System for Major Utility Company
A major utility company requested a custom software system with which they could keep records of various qualifications for their operators in the field. By scanning the code, supervisors are able to see the expiration dates of their operator’s qualifications throughout the utility industry. This specialty software system helps to ensure that utility companies are sending only the up-to-date, qualified individuals into the field.

Matching System for Maternity Ward in Hospital Systems
GigaTrak created a specialty software solution for the operations in the maternity ward following a birth. In this system, wristbands are created for the mom and baby in the hospital. In addition, stickers for all newborn treatments are created to track that the correct medicines and fluids are being administered to the correct babies. When the stickers are scanned and matched, the handheld system plays a lullaby. Hospitals continue using this system to ensure procedures are followed after a baby is born.

Route Planning and Delivery System for Major Electric Company
A major electric company requested a custom software system that could record customer deliveries off of the supplier’s truck while capturing the signature of the recipient. Data is uploaded via batch, RF, or WLAN to a host central database for reporting and validation purposes. Both automatic e-mail notification and web-accessible verification process are available. In addition, advanced mapping and routing are available for use.

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